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Car Wraps – Statistics and Terminology

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The term vehicle wrap has come to encompass a variety of industry terms, all representing a similar end product. Auto Wraps and Car Wraps are common terms. Graphics is a general term that describes this product. More specifically, Vinyl Graphics, Vehicle Graphics, Custom Vinyl Graphics, Vinyl Vehicle Graphics, Fleet Graphics, and Vinyl Car Graphics all represent and relate to our vehicle wrap product. Before vehicle wraps, the closest thing was either paint or decals. Many if not most commercial vehicles incorporate some form of vinyl decals, vinyl window decals, lettering or basic branding onto their exterior – but a full vehicle wrap takes it to a whole different level. Truck Graphics are common practice to advance the branding of a company. Truck side advertising and Truck Fleet Wraps are also becoming more common in the marketplace.

Vehicle advertising allows a vehicle to serve as a low-cost mobile billboard seen everywhere a vehicle typically goes. The retention rate of this medium is extremely high and the targeting potential of this type advertising is unmatched. Vehicle wraps combine the key elements of effective advertising and marketing into one convenient and proven solution.

Drive in and around your target market; neighborhoods, retail areas, strip malls, etc. Change markets with ease. Target specific events; trade shows, sporting events, concerts, college campuses, etc.


Build brand recognition with everyone who sees your wrapped vehicle(s) and raise your company’s profile. Differentiate yourself. A bold design will generate a positive response.


Vehicle advertising allows a vehicle to be promoting everywhere a vehicle typically goes; local roads, highways, parking lots, malls, restaurants, shopping centers, schools, and more. Promote your company all the time; while you drive, work, transport, deliver, shuttle, and while you’re sitting in traffic or parked.

The fastest growing trend in marketing is the concept of mobile outdoor advertising – vehicle graphics — to promote your product, service or company. You work in a competitive environment. It’s not easy to create customer awareness through conventional means. Well, now it is! A vehicle graphic should be on every car and truck promoting your business 24/7.

Vehicle Graphics is the place to call for your vehicle wrap and auto wrap based on the quality and uniqueness of our designs, our printing and our installation techniques. You want the best … we have it!

You’re looking for the biggest bang for your buck and auto wraps deliver. Auto wraps communicate with your customers at the lowest cost per impression of any adverting medium. By just going about your daily routine, your fleet wraps do the hard part – the advertising – for your company. Your vehicles are in view all day every day. Make them do the hard part – bring in more customers – simply by adding auto wraps to your marketing plans. Whether you sell a product or a service, if you want more customers, and drive a vehicle, you’re a prime candidate for fleet wraps. And if your business is stationary and doesn’t need vehicles, you’ll want to explore our wall and window wraps as a way of making your storefront work harder for you.

Your car, truck, van or your entire fleet can be advertising for you at all hours of the day and night. During rush hour, in the parking lot or in a driveway, vehicle graphics are a smart advertising investment. Did you know that the average delivery truck makes 16 million visual impressions in a single year according to the American Trucking Association? Let us use full color digital vehicle graphics to turn your vehicle into a rolling billboard, building awareness for your company with every trip. Vehicle advertising delivers more impressions per dollar than any other mass communication medium!

Consider this numbers:

  • There are over 4 million individual vehicle trips in the Vancouver Regional District every day. There are over 2,000,000 transit trips every day. Participants are inside looking out, making them a captive audience.
  • Every day, another 200 vehicles are added to roadways.
  • 96% of Canadians travel in a vehicle each week either as a driver or as a passenger.
  • The average commute takes 27 minutes, one way. The heaviest commuters spend nearly two hours a day getting to and from work.
  • Individual vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 – 70,000 daily vehicular impressions in major metropolitan areas (Source: Traffic Audit Bureau).
  • In a recent Trucking Association’s study of vehicle occupants and pedestrians, 98% said vehicle graphics created a positive image for the company. 96% said vehicle graphics had more impact than billboards. 75% of people developed an impression about a company and its products. 29% would base a buying decision on that impression.

Graphic of cost per impressions

Compare the cost of vehicle advertising to other advertising mediums:

Cost per thousand (CPT) impressions (how much it costs per 1000 exposures to potential customers):

  • Vehicle Graphics $0.15
  • Billboards $1.78
  • Radio $5.92
  • Newspaper (1/4 page ad B/W) $11.66
  • Prime Time Network TV $11.30
  • $0.15
  • Undoubtedly this is the best way of advertising.