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In this section we are trying our best to present and educate the customers how to choose the right company and what to look for when they are shopping for a CAR WRAP

We also will try to offer some tricks and tips for maintaining the wrap.

BEFORE you do a car wrap!

Dont always look at the wrap from the money point of view.

When you are shopping around for a car wrap company do not limit your criteria only based on the money aspect. Most probably by saving a lot of money on a wrap you will end up with either loosing the money spent or adding extra to the initial spending because of the quality of the work. That's why the saying " You get what you paid for! " is so true.

See what other clients are saying about the company.

It is always best to do a little research on the company and see what other clients are saying about it. In our testimonials page we have included phone numbers that you can even call and ask about our jobs. We are transparent and honest all the way. This is our philosophy.

Use certified installers for the jobs.

Is recommended that you opt for a certified company or installers for the wraps because they have years of experience that comes with the certifications that they bear. If a certifications was that easy to get the market was filled with shops that will provide a high quality job.

Avoid extra costs.

By simply washing the car before you bring it in for wrapping you avoid extra charges from the wrapping company for cleaning the car for you. The vinyl will always go only on cleaned surfaces.

Prepare your car before you wrap it.

For a perfect wrap please make sure you prepare your car by cleaning it, buff it to remove any imperfections on the surface like sap from the trees or road debris. DO NOT WAX the car before you bring the car for wrapping. Just wash the car with soap and water the best you can.

Outgas the paint if the car was re-painted.

If by any chance the car needs to go to a body shop for repairs before it comes to the shop for wrapping please make sure that you keep the car with the freshly painted surface to breath and outgas for at least 2 weeks before you place the vinyl on it. An un-dried paint can cause the vinyl to bubble and also when removed from the car to peel off together with that layer of paint.

Try to imagine what you want from the wrap.

It is always helpful to work with the wrapping company and bring on the table as much information on how you want the wrap and what you want from the wrap. Prefessional designers from the Company will make it happen in the most efficient way possible. It is not very helpful to say just " I want to wrap my car to make more money with my company!"

Plan a budget for the wrap.

Think of a wrap as an investment. The good part with the wraps is that is one of the best long term investments that are very inexpensive.

AFTER you do a car wrap!

Important tips on how to maintain the wrap.

It is very important that you take good care of the wrap after you get it installed on the vehicle. The wraps takes care of you and the company as long as you take care of it. One of the first aspect of maintenance is to wash the wrap at least every 2 weeks.

It is not recommended to wash the newly wrapped car thru high pressure car washes.

The high pressure of the nozzles might force the vinyl to fail on edges. If possible, always HAND WASH the car. If you will still use the car washes, please use the pressure washer light and from distance. Washing the car will give the vinyl a fresh look all the time and also speaks for your company.

Revigorate the vinyl with vinyl wax.

You can use specially formulated wax for vinyls. We have a selection of cleaners and waxes for your vehicle based on the finish of the wrap. Ask us about the products.

Make sure you are not using regular wax on matte finishes because it will ruin the matte effect.

Simple is the best most of the times.

Even though the vinyl is laminated after is printed, it is not recommended to use strong cleaning chemicals to clean the wrap. Use car wash soap or mild soap to wash your car. You can use some isoprophyl to remove some stains.
For more serious issues with cleaning the vinyl please give us a call.